About Us

Gm5 has a long-term commitment to company training. We focus on production of programmes of interactive training, teamwork, teambuilding and diagnostic courses.

Our main philosophy is complex development of participants’ personalities and their managerial, business and presentation skills. Our courses are always tailor made to the customers’ specifications.

We pride ourselves on personal approach and long-term customer relationships. Our services are sought by company teams, professional groups, schools and non-profit organizations alike.

We are fully aware of the fact that the path to a positive change in a team, company or institution is often complicated and that each of us is faced with a number of obstacles and challenges to be overcome. At the end of this path must be not only satisfaction and joy upon learning about one’s undreamt of possibilities but also determination to change something and to evolve in the desired direction.

We design and organize courses in the Czech Republic as well as various European destinations in required world languages. As one of few Czech companies we dispose of our own activity park which was designed to meet the requirements of teambuilding courses and special training programmes. Added to this, our database includes a number of other places where we organized many courses and which we are happy to recommend upon request.

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