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We create programs aimed at diagnosing personality participant. The battery of questionnaires new generation allow to obtain specific data. The intervention program eliminates the desire of participants to behave "as is" and allows you to get to know them on a plane, "he really is." Our associates are highly experienced trainers and coaches. Their experience use to create special intervention programs. Knowledge of processes in corporate enterprises enables us to successfully simulate the limit situations that may cause workers unprepared considerable problems. Comprehensive outdoor programs are closely linked to theoretical inputs and lecturer focused on the objectives outlined above. The track, intensity and design activities correspond to a logical sequence - dramaturgy program. Simple key can combine these activities and increase the intensity of the impact of the program participant.

  • selection situation executives
  • improving the efficiency of the work team
  • merging teams, staff reductions
  • Analysis of the atmosphere and track work team
  • dissatisfaction with the functioning of the executive and the atmosphere within the team

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