Outdoor training

Skills training in nature

We prepare training programs and training in managerial and business skills, presentation and teamwork. Program with outdoor activities is a means to verify the acquired knowledge, without fear of personal failure or work. We have successfully complement the standard workshops on activities that increase the resultant effectiveness of the training and extend the curve perception of the listener. These TOP programs can be implemented in interesting places not only in Europe. We have designed a motto: "Only through extreme experience of the team is able to move beyond".

Participant in the program during a professional educator and psychologist. Together with the participants are trying to identify the limit situation and standard activities of daily interpersonal encounters. We have rich experience in producing training programs, in which participants can check Seminar topics discussed in the context of practical model situations. For these programs, we use a very unusual environment and training facilities.

  •     Increasing the effectiveness of executives
  •     Practical experience in crisis communication and negotiation
  •     Interactive workshops with high gain practical skills
  •     Applicable models of behavior, interpersonal communication
  •     Unusual supplement intensive training of soft management skills
  •     Unusual supplement managerial academies, long-term education
  •     Test acquired theoretical knowledge and skills

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