Reward and experience

In the event that you are looking for an unconventional form of remuneration for his colleagues, diversify your meetings or gift for a business partner - then teamspirit is the perfect choice! Strengthen team identity, make sure that you are "in the same boat." Strong common purpose of your company experience like nothing else. Trust us when you build a program proposals and we will prepare several variants not only the program but also its promotion partner and colleagues. In case you do not know where this program is complete, we have a network of tribal centers Gm5 - ZFP Activities Park, but we have a database of many other resorts that are ideal and the proven long-term place for these programs.

  • Art programs
  • Activities with Carver
  • Throwing on the wheel
  • Historical fencing, medieval feast in the castle with contemporary sleepover
  • Bicycle tours, wine trails
  • Wellness weekends, diagnostic characters, healthy lifestyle
  • Dance, relaxing weekends and image

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