Evening programs

Programs with legend

An important element of corporate events and cents are evening program. We have created an evening programs with the legend that draw the participant and will not let him until the end. Organize short input and output and programs from 3 to 8 hours with vigorous programu.Pracujeme atmosphere space. We use disguises, moderated by night so that the participant felt relaxed and enjoyed the program fully. Many times we have our evening programs spiced annual meetings, Christmas parties, Christmas parties, meetings with business partners.

  • Titanic - program with a legend. Guests toss a coin ship tickets, play roulette, get married, divorced, sign bills in the bank, drinking cocktails. Entertainment at the beginning of the last century.
  • Goodfellas - program with a legend. Meeting families and clans. Gloomy atmosphere enhanced by mysterious "deaths" of participants of the evening. Is it possible to find out who the murderer is unfortunate?
  • Casino - Mobile Roulette, Black Jack, poker, craps, bank. We unconventional approach to mobile casino with an emphasis on atmosphere and fun.
  • Moderated evenings with recorded and live music
  • Competitions for individuals and teams always conducted by a team of experienced instructors
  • Dance mats, karaoke, competition in non-traditional disciplines

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